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About Donna White

Donna White is a seasoned expert in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with over 30 years of experience. As the founder of the BHRT Training Academy, author of “The Hormone Makeover,” and a pioneer in establishing BHRT programs, she has played a pivotal role in advancing the movement for hormone health. Her expertise is augmented by her personal journey with hormonal imbalance, rendering her a compassionate authority in this field.

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What You Will Learn With This Book

In Hormone Makeover, Donna White, a leading hormone authority, presents her 4-Step Hormone Makeover Method, a detailed and holistic approach to achieving hormonal balance and enhancing overall well-being. This method, carefully structured into four steps, leverages White’s vast expertise, guiding readers on a transformative journey in hormonal health.

Step ONE

Working with a Qualified, Trained Provider

Working with a Qualified, Trained Provider, is crucial in White’s method. Here, she provides invaluable tips for finding the right healthcare provider. White emphasizes the importance of expert guidance, especially in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), and offers advice on seeking a provider who offers a personalized approach and understands the nuances of hormone therapy.

Step TWO

Identify the Imbalance + Assess the Issue

 Identify the Imbalance + Assess the Issue, focuses on
the critical aspects of identifying symptoms and the importance of precise hormone lab tests. It equips readers with a Symptoms Checklist for self-assessment and detailed information on various hormonal imbalances. White underscores the need for accurate lab testing to complement symptom analysis, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of hormonal health.


The Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan, White’s philosophy of a holistic treatment strategy comes to the fore. The book explores various hormone replacement options, strategies for managing elevated hormone levels, and the significant role of supplements, diet, and lifestyle in the overall treatment plan.


Keep Tabs on
Those Symptoms

Keep Tabs on those Symptoms, highlights the importance of long-term commitment to hormonal health. White advises on ongoing monitoring and the necessity of adjusting the treatment plan as needed, advocating for a patient and adaptable approach to maintaining hormone harmony.

The book concludes with A Life Worth Living, encapsulating Donna White’s message that achieving hormonal balance enriches life beyond symptom management. White’s expertise makes “Hormone Makeover” a valuable reference that readers will turn to repeatedly. The 4-Step Hormone Makeover Method stands as a testament to White’s status as a leading expert, offering a life-changing guide for those seeking hormonal harmony and a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Ready to Rebalance Your Health?

Discover How with Hormone Makeover

Hormone Makeover” by Donna White is a comprehensive guide to achieving hormonal balance, offering a unique 4-Step Hormone Makeover Method. This method blends expert advice on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with practical tips for managing hormonal imbalances through diet, lifestyle, and targeted treatments. White’s book stands as an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand and improve their hormonal health, promising a pathway to enhanced well-being and a more fulfilling life.